Journal - Paul Turgeon Photography

To Iphone or not to Iphone. It's a big debate among the " fine Art Photographers". I started photography when your only option was film cameras, now that I'm using digital as well as film, I have no problem taking photos with the Iphone. I rather enjoy the results. It has become part of my work flow when out in the field doing Landscape work, with my DSLR. A captured image is not about the equipment that was used, but how it makes you feel. 

Finding the place with the right feel, with the right light, easily accessible and giving you a good composition, the right weather conditions, is it misty, overcast and grey, these are all the things that make photography so exciting and meditational at the same time.

In the Field, 1, 2015.

If you do photography long enough your begin to understand that the art of making images is more than just making images. In fact the act of making the image is equally as important as the image it self. One image is part of the many on the journey. 

Invoking reality

Belle Isle, Study 11, 2014.

Enjoy the moments that connect you with your surroundings, then capture the image. 

Moments, 2015.